Prince may have gotten a bad rap for his choice of names (or choice to have no name) over his career, but we can empathize. Try naming a tool that integrates another tool that is named, simply, Facebook Registration Tool. Well, we went with an equally impressive name in “Facebook Registration Plugin for WordPress.” Although Shakespeare may debate what’s in a name, we hope that you’re more focused on what’s in the tool.

The Facebook Registration Tool, as announced by Facebook Developer Paul Tarjan, provides a registration mechanism that is both Facebook user and Facebook hold-out friendly. Facebook Login (the tool formerly known as Facebook Connect) is a great solution to integrate Facebook into your site, but is not friendly to those users who don’t have or utilize their own Facebook accounts. By utilizing this registration tool, Facebook can automatically complete the registration form for Facebook users while supplying a good-ole fashioned form for those not wanting or able to utilize Facebook to register.


To install, simply download the plugin here install from your WordPress back-end or download from WordPress here and unzip in your /plugins directory. Activate via the “Plugins” menu option in your Admin Control Panel, and then a “Facebook Registration” options page will be available under “Settings”. Simply enter your Facebook App ID and App Secret in this page, and you’re all set.

Screenshot of Facebook Registration Plugin for WordPress Settings Page


Post in the comments or e-mail with any questions/issues you may have with this plugin. As we continue to develop the site here at, we will include a support forum for this plugin.